A Federation for the future! The Federation for support staff in higher education (FPSES) represents unionized workers in colleges, universities and organizations that provide education services. It plays an essential role in the CSQ with the involvement of its members at all levels of the Central and the participation of its representatives to the coordinating bodies. The Federation team serves to support each affiliated union, meeting the needs of their members, both legal and technical at the organizational level. It is actively involved in the world of education by acting as an autonomous group or in collaboration with the CSQ when the interests of its members are at issue. It intervenes at the social policy level (broad changes in higher education, changes in the Labour Code, Pay Equity Act, Employment Insurance Act, etc), and the labour relations level  (teleworking, negotiating collective agreements, letters of agreement, etc). In addition, coordination bodies have been created within the Federation to allow affiliates to influence the direction of the FPSES: Federal Council, negotiating committees in the college sector, university sector and the public and parapublic sectors.