2020 Pay Equity Maintenance and Revision of the College Support Personnel Classification Plan


Survey of CEGEP Support Staff

This survey is being conducted by the Fédération du personnel de soutien de l’enseignement supérieur (FPSES-CSQ) to gather relevant information needed to meet two objectives: to prepare the pay equity maintenance analysis and to update the job descriptions in the CEGEP Support Personnel Classification Plan.

The data collected as part of the survey is confidential, to be used only by the FPSES-CSQ.

Maintaining Pay Equity

The objective of the Pay Equity Act is to correct wage gaps based on systemic gender discrimination against those holding jobs in predominantly female job categories.

The Pay Equity Act provides a framework for maintaining pay equity.  The government must now carry out its pay equity evaluation for 2020.  To do so, they must identify any events which may have affected pay equity since the previous evaluation which was carried out in 2015.  They must, for example, take into consideration any changes that may have modified the duties and responsibilities of job categories or the remuneration of these job categories.  They must assess these changes and determine whether wage adjustments should be made to predominantly female job categories.

Anticipating that we may soon receive the results of the government’s 2020 pay equity maintenance evaluation, the FPSES-CSQ is conducting this survey to identify any changes that may have occurred in your job between December 21, 2015 and December 2020.

The data from the survey will be used by the FPSES-CSQ to develop the necessary arguments to demonstrate, if applicable, any noncompliance in the government’s 2020 maintenance evaluation.

Update of the CEGEP Support Personnel Classification Plan

 The Classification Plan is a document that contains all the job descriptions of college support staff.  The last update of the Classification Plan occurred in 2012.  The data collected by this survey will enable the FPSES-CSQ to prepare the representations it may make as part of the process of updating the job descriptions contained in the Classification Plan.

We need your collaboration to identify any changes that may have occurred in your job, so that we can meet both objectives.  We encourage you to complete the survey before June 11th 2021.

What is your class of employment ?