28 septembre 2022


From September 26th to 30th, and all year long !


For the occasion, you will find the vice-president’s speech below :




 » This week is support staff week, YOUR week!

You are often referred to as those who work in the shadows, the behind-the-scenes employees.  And even though we keep repeating how essential you are to the proper functioning of our higher education institutions, we have to acknowledge that support staff are still being undervalued.

 This week, I invite you to step out of the shadows and take your place in the limelight! 

 Let yourself be seen!  Let yourself be heard!  This is the perfect time to lift the curtain on your expertise and promote the importance of participatory management and a collaborative culture with support staff! 

 You deserve better!  You deserve better working conditions, better wages, and appreciation within your community! 

 Grab the microphone and talk to us!  It’s your turn!  Be proud to be support staff! »

   – John Cuffaro