The history of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec is entwined with the history of Quebec society.  Not only has the CSQ always been able to change and adapt to the times, it has also been an important vehicle for progress. From one generation to the next, the Centrale des syndicats du Québec has been able to renew itself and push itself into the future. The activists have kept it vital, but its future depends on a constant supply of new lifeblood.

Many issues are involved in changing the guard.  First, we must make sure that information is passed on to people who are part of the same union, including those who are just starting out.

  • Union succession week


    In order to revitalize our union activism and prepare for the future, we are devoting a week to union succession.  Since 2017, the CSQ and its affiliated unions have been highlighting what the next generation can contribute to the labour movement through various activities and gatherings throughout all the regions of Quebec.

    This annual event also provides an opportunity to celebrate union succession in the workplace.  Unions are invited to organize activities to welcome, prepare and promote those members who will assume leadership of our unions.

    Union Succession Week aims to promote dialogue between members and encourage young people to participate in their unions, federations and the Centrale. This is one more opportunity to make their voices heard so they can feel they have a say and take action within their union organization.  Federative, regional and local events will be held during the week to welcome the next generation and highlight the commitment of members.

    Union Succession Week will be held in April each year and the Youth Succession Camp is part of it.

  • Union succession bootcamp

    People who have just assumed union responsibilities are invited to participate in training workshops, practical workshops, and thematic workshops on major union and social issues.

    You can also learn more about the history of our Centrale, its values, its structure and its operations.

    The Camp is a place for networking and exchanges, welcoming around 80 delegates each year who have been members of committees or democratic bodies for less than three years.

  • Union succession week contest

    The FPSES-CSQ, in partnership with La Personnelle et les protections RésAut, is inviting you to participate in the 2023 Union successsion week contest !

    To participate, you must be a member of one of the FSPES-CSQ affiliated union, you must like the FPSES-CSQ Facebook page, and fill the participation form. Three participants names will be drawn to win these prices :

    • 500 $ gift certificate from SEPAQ
    • 100 $ gift certificate from SAQ
    • 50 $ gift certificate from Renaud-Bray

    You have until Friday April 21rst 2023 at noon to participate !

    Good luck everyone !