Who we are

The Fédération du personnel de soutien de l’enseignement supérieur (FPSES-CSQ) represents union members working in colleges, universities, and organizations that provide educational and public services. The FPSES-CSQ plays a vital role at the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) with interventions from affiliates at all levels of the Centrale and the participation of representatives within coordinating bodies.


A team at your service

The Fédération team consists of three elected members who make up the executive committee: one president, one vice-president for administrative affairs, and one vice-president for financial affairs.

The executive committee governs the Fédération. Through active political involvement, it promotes and furthers the interests of support staff. It ensures that the unions receive services from the CSQ, particularly in the areas of social security, union training and union organization.

The Fédération team also includes an accounting secretary who works closely with the executive committee and two legal advisors who provide affiliated unions with second level legal, bargaining and labour relations services as well as various trainings.


The FPSES in numbers

The FPSES brings together 21 affiliated unions, 14 of which are from the college network, 3 from the university network and 4 from service organizations for a total of 4,301 members representing more than 140 different job classes. More than 70% of these members are women.

Decision-making bodies

Coordination points have been set up within the Fédération to enable affiliates to influence the orientations of the FPSES-CSQ: federal council, negotiating bodies for the college sector, coordination of the university sector, as well as various committees and working groups.   


Contact us


Fédération du personnel de soutien de l’enseignement supérieur (FPSES-CSQ)

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